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To Order Eggs Shipped to you, Please Send:


1. Your Payment of $135.00 for 24+ eggs with shipping included.

(Priority Shipping and Special Handling is included in that price.)

Add $40.00 for Express Mail if desired.

West of the Mississippi River you should be using Express Mail.

If paying by PayPal, add $4.00 for payment to PayPal.

My PayPal address is

If paying by Money Order, my address is :

Kate Morreale

PO Box 280

Hardwick, Ma 01037-0280

2. Your Full Shipping Name:

3. Address :

4. Phone Number :

so that you can be called for pickup when the eggs arrive at the Post Office..

5. Place Your order: What kind of hatching eggs do you want? :

   Bearded Black, White or Blue, Non Bearded White or Black or Assortments of all of the above.

     I will let you know when eggs are shipped and send the tracking number when they are. Expect the eggs to arrive within 2-4 days. Eggs are viable for up to 10 days. Eggs are no more than 2 days old when they are shipped.  I suggest you put the eggs in a warm and ready incubator the minute they arrive.

There are no guarantees on hatching eggs. However, I have had no complaints in 25 years of shipping hatching eggs.  You can expect no more than a 50% hatch on shipped eggs. More than that can happen but it is not the average rate of hatch. Silkie Bantam eggs are a little harder to hatch than large fowl or duck eggs. But when you are able to add a new blood line from a good breeder, it becomes worth the trouble in your struggle for perfection! Check out the parents on for a list of awards and pictures  from 2000 to 2019. All my breeders are Champions.

     Thanks for your interest in Golden Egg Farm and Happy Hatching, Kate