ASBC 2015 National at Cobleskill

Champion Non Bearded White Pullet

MARCH, 2020

GOLDEN EGG FARM,                              KATE MORREALE
PO BOX 280,

HARDWICK, MA. 01037                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

To Order Eggs Shipped to you,

Please Send:


1. Your Payment of $135.00 for 24+ eggs with shipping included.

(Priority Shipping and Special Handling is included in that price.)

Add $50.00 for Express Mail if desired.

West of the Mississippi River you should be using Express Mail.

If paying by PayPal, add $4.00 for payment to PayPal.

My PayPal address is

If paying by Money Order, my address is :

Kate Morreale

PO Box 280

Hardwick, Ma 01037-0280

2. Your Full Shipping Name:

3. Shipping Address :

4. Phone Number :

So that you can be called for pickup when the eggs arrive at the Post Office..

5. Place Your order: What kind of Silkie hatching eggs do you want? :
     Assorted Bearded Black, White, Splash or Blue,


     Assorted Non Beardeds in  White, Self Blue,and Black.


     Assorted Both Bearded and Non Bearded Silkie hatching eggs.

     I will let you know if and when eggs are available, and if so, shipped and I will send the tracking number when they are. Expect the eggs to arrive within 2-4 days. Eggs are viable for up to 10 days. Eggs are no more than 2 days old when they are shipped.  I suggest you put the eggs in a warm and ready incubator the minute they arrive.

There are no guarantees on hatching eggs. However, I have had no complaints in 25 years of shipping hatching eggs.  You can expect no more than a 50% hatch on shipped eggs. More than that can happen but it is not the average rate of hatch. Silkie Bantam eggs are a little harder to hatch than large fowl or duck eggs. But when you are able to add a new blood line from a good breeder, it becomes worth the trouble in your struggle for perfection! Check out the parents on for a list of awards and pictures  from 2000 to 2019. All my breeders are Champions.

     Thanks for your interest in

           Golden Egg Farm

        and Happy Hatching,